Disneyland 2013:
Happiest Place On Earth

Paradise Pier

California Adventure

Girls are loving this!

Hi Woody!

Dani was in Awe!

Toy Story Ride

Sweet oldest and youngest

Daddy entertaining Dani in line.

Emilee and Megan are up next.

Cute Matty and Brookee

Loving this ride

Too Much Fun!

Mommy and Dani

Such a great ride!

Now you see us...

Now you don't! ooouuu! Where'd we go?

Waiting in line for Little Mermaid ride

Love the seashells

My favorite Villan

Such a great ride, I had to go again.

Love Brooke's expression here!

Family with Minnie Mouse

Dani and Minnie

California Screamin'


Dani with Pluto

Ladybug ride

Girls with Flik!

3D Bug ride

Under the sea Merry go round

Toy Story Parade

Girls dancing

California Screamin' again

Emilee on Radiator Springs Racers. (Cars ride)

Mickey's Fun Wheel!

We went on the ones that move back and forth as you go around and around.

Dani was laughing so hard!

World of Color

Disneyland! Yay! We are so READY!

Entrance to Disneyland

Love this picture!

Brooke is such the little poser!

My favorite Picture!

Great decorations!

Pirates Time!

Indiana Jones, our favorite ride.
We Love The Adventure!

Haunted Mansion, So Cool!

It was all decked out
Nightmare Before Christmas!

Wishing Well

Little Poser


Brooke calls her Tangled :)


Emilee and Rapunzel. She loves her long hair!

Girls with Ariel

Brooke's favorite princess

Ariel was my favorte princess growing up. I watched The Little Mermaid more than any other movie. I wanted to be a mermaid so bad!


So Sweet!

Megan with Belle. She loves her gorgeous dress!

Belle is my favorite princess as an adult so I had to get a picture with her.

Dani loved Belle's dress. Me too!

Snow White

This was so sweet to me!


Small World

Hawaiin part, my favorite!

Dani was very amused.

Decorations on Small World

Matterhorn ride

Monsters show. Girls loved this.

Matt Loves this ride

Amazing ride esp in October!



Brooke and Dani didn't quite make it to the end.

Trick or treat

Peter Pan Ride

Mr. Toad's wild ride

As we were leaving the park this is what The Castle looked like. Spiderwebs all over it.

Great Halloween Decorations