4th of July in California!

It all started with The 4th of July Parade

Girls waiting for candy.

This is what makes a parade entertianing for the girls. They had so much fun seeing how much they could get.

Barbeque and Pool Day at The Plochers

Dani is so HIGH!

Elizabeth and I

Chillin' in the pool

Matt with John

Climbing the tree in the backyard

Girls spent time painting

Waiting for The Fireworks at night

Watching fireworks


Girls and their dolls

Newport Beach


I love this sequence of pictures of Brooke. Her expression explains so much.

Matt playing with his baby

I love how Dani's hands are clumped with sand

Brooke was mesmerized by the water and waves

Dani was scared of the water so she played in the sand the whole time.

Awwww! The sand on my toes

I look at this picture and I can hear the sound of the waves and the crackling of the water.

Emilee and Christopher were very active in the ocean.

Boogie Boarding

Megan collected sea shells

One of my Favorite Days with my family Ever!

Shopping at Huntington Beach

Best little buddies!

Matt was having car envy.

Making crafts

Family on The Pier at Huntington Beach

Tired Dani

Rubys for Dinner

Beach Sunset as it peaks through the clouds

Enjoying such a beautiful view

Jumping off the mnt of sand

Cute Girls! Best Sisters!

Matty and I

Dani was DONE!