P&G Day at Kings Island:

KI Entrance

Dani riding rides with Brooke

Ems and Brooke

Dani loves the rides.

Cute stuft animal for Brookee

Boo Blaster

Waiting in line

Halloween Decorations

Roller Coaster

Girls with Lucy

Dani with Sally

Matt photo bombing Charlie Brown

Brooke on Roller Coaster.

Great Decorations

Bumper Cars. Dani was hilarious. Good thing I got lots of video of this! :)

Brooke on bumper cars too.

We ran into our neighbors. They were excited to see each other.

Log ride

All four girls

Train ride

P&G had their blowups again.

I love these blowups. I think they are so cool and they are soooooo BIG!

Merry go round

Emilee acting really scared

Viking Fury Boat ride

Brooke loves pushing Dani.

Girls with their Friends!

Megan and Maddi

At Night we went back with Emilee, Megan, and their friends.

Emilee and Emily

Taking a Break


The Vortex

The Stunt Coaster

Bumper Cars

Adventure Express

Last ride of the night.