December California Trip:

American Girl Store. Highlight of our trip.

We are HERE. It's so great!

Megs doll Julie went to the hospital to get her hair fixed

Megan with Julie's collection

Emilee and her doll, Molly

Dani had fun with the accessories

Brooke with Caroline. We love her curls.

Brooke wants the Caroline doll when she is older.

Dani could be in the catalogue

Time to pick out their new dolls!

They picked out the make your own look-alike dolls. Emilee named hers Emily (with a y) and Megan named hers Maddy.

We got a little carried away!
It was ALL worth it! :)

Cute Megan with her new doll. Dad in the background carrying our bags.

Shopping center

Emilee with her new doll, Emily. She bought her doll glasses and a violin set like her own.

All the shopping wore our girls out

Swimming at our hotel

We had a fun time staying at our hotel

The whole Anselmo Family

Our little family

Grandma and Grandpa with the grandkids

Cousins playing at the park

Brooke LOVES the monkey bars

With my SIL's

Elizabeth's Birthday Party

Barb and I

Matt with his mom

Beach Day!!!

Love the views from up here

My sweet Megs

The rays of the sun shining through our pic.

Brooke is Ariel on the rock ;)

Emilee with Keagan

Daddys girl!

Mommys baby!

Megan burying her feet in the sand.

Climbing the rocks by herself. Dani has to do it by hersefl! And with no shoes.

Playing with hermit crabs

Kids all playing

Matt and his brothers throwing the ball

More swimming with daddy

Emilee with Emily

We got to see The Preators. Our really close friends from MN.

Grandma and Emilee playing music together.