Christmas Time:

Family with Santa

Dani's party with the Craniofacial team




All girls

Christmas money/gift card leis Uncle Dan made for all of us. I can't believe the time this must've taken him. What a guy!

Girls decorating huge Gingerbread men.

Showing off their finished product.

Emilee plays the violin as part of our Christmas program

Emilee's ASU shirt from Megs

Megan got earrings from Ems

Rocco wanted a ASU shirt as well

Rocco and Cathy looking at the calendar we make them every year.

Matt and his new ASU hat from his girls

Brooke and Dani love their new gifts from their sisters.

Every year our girls get new Jami's on Christmas Eve.

Time to open them up.

Girls all ready for bed in their jamis

Fun to have Papa Rocco and Cathy with us on Christmas eve

Christmas morning!

Emilee with her gifts

Megan with her presents

Brooke's long awaited doll

Dani with her doll and toys

Girls excited to go to the American Girl store and pick out their new dolls.

Doll, dolls, and more dolls!

Cute girls decoarted their new doll beds

I love how Dani thinks the motorcycle is her size

The best gift of all!
Santa brought the Wii!!!

And lots of games to go with it.
Our favorite is the Wii Sport.

Excited about my Wii Fit

Merry Christmas!