Happy Easter!

Mesa Temple

Easter Pageant at the Temple!

The ending of the pageant where Christ ascends.

Love this picture!!!

Girls at the Pageant

The pool is ready to dive for money!

Girls waiting for the countdown to enter the pool.

Only Brooke and Dani can get the money on the stairs.

They love this hunt the most!

Brooke going to the bottom!



Emilee found lots of money

Dani excited with just one quarter.

Megan found just as much as Emee if not more.

Cute Brooke with her money.

I love this picture of Brooke and Dani counting their monies.

Traditional Easter egg hunt.

Emilee and Megan with their big Easter eggs.

Easter baskets ready to hide

With hints, Megan found hers hiding in the curtain in our dining room.

With hints, Emilee found hers hiding above our fridge in the laundry room.

Brooke and Dani found their baskets behind the living room chair and in the chest of blankets in the family room.

Looking through their baskets.

Time to color eggs.

My favorite way to color eggs. Drip the dye in the bag and mix it around.

Dani loves this

This year we used glitter too so our eggs looked really cool!

Easter gifts from Grandma Elizabeth.
Thank You!

Dani's "extra" Easter basket :)

Brooke's "extra" Easter basket :)

Emilee and Megan at church on Easter Sunday
They're such great friends! I love it!!