We went to Chipotle for dinner. Everyone was dressed up. It was like a Halloween Party with a bunch of strangers. ;) We saw some creative costumes.

Girls all ready to go!

Emilee made the best Indian.

Scary Ghost. BOO!

Mommy and baby CareBear

Dani was the Cutest Ladybug

Our neighbors in our culdasac all get together and pass candy out. That way they can hang out and talk while the kids tick-or-treat. Great Idea! Matt is on his way over to add our candy to the long table of candy. :)

Dani is so Ready to fill her bucket.

Here she comes.

A kids Dream!

She couldn't get enough. Then she started putting candy in and out of her bucket like she does with her toys. We were all cracking up!

Walking house to house.


It was a Cold Night


Hi Ems. She is having a Blast.

Megs is in there somewhere. She was having the time of her life too. All warm underneath.

Love the CareBear heart on Brookee's Bum!

This is Brooke complaining that she is done and cold and ready to go home to eat her candy.

Dani was having a field day and she did not want to go home at all. What a Trooper!

Time to Eat Candy!


Dani trying to get more candy. Classic!

Sorting Candy Time

We Love CaNdY!

Some decorations

Painted Pumpkins

Our Spooky backyard