Hilton Squaw Peak Resort:

Labor Day Weekend

Entrance to Waterpark

Posing on the Rocks

Girls at The Waterpark

Megan and Dani

Dani relaxing in the water

Dani has become quite the swimmer

I love Brooke's facial expression here

Girls loved playing with their daddy in the water

This ball provided hrs of Fun!

This picture cracks me up

Out shopping and dinner

Girls relaxing in the hotel room

Megan fell asleep to a game of Scrabble

Chick-fil-A Breakfast

Waiting in line

Slide Time!

Ems going down the slide

Whole Family Pic

Lazy River

Brooke's favorite part

I Love all these people so much! We have so mcuh fun together!

Under the Waterfall

The Waterfall was hrs. of Fun!

My sweet Dani. I love her cute bob!

Watching the girls swim

Matt tries out the slide!

With my sweet older two!

We will miss this Resort and Water Park a lot!