Thanksgiving in St. George:

Holladay Family Pictures

Look at all those Girls!
Jake and Jensen are on their missions.

Family photo

Fun candid shots of the younger cousins

I love this close-up of Dani

Older cousins pic

Silly pic of our girls.

Brooke getting in the car with Grandma to stay warm.

My sweet sisters!

Favorite dish

Thanksgiving meal. Everyone, but Tina. She didn't quite make the cut, I mean pic. ha ha!
But, she got her own pic below.
Actually, you can't see Amanda, Brooke or Dani either. But they're in the next one over.

All the grandkids. Notice Jake and Jensen at the end of the table joining us from their missions.
ha ha! :)

Cute veggie turkey

Tina shared her Bday on Thanksgiving this year.

Hiking Snow Canyon


Kind of scary, but the girls all loved it.

Hiking out of the cave.

Dani did such a great job hiking by herself.

Views are breathtaking!

Love the desert sunsets!

Always time for a swim.

Playing on the red rocks. I love this area.


H - E - L - P!!!

Christmas in the Canyon at Tuacahn Thearte

I love how Megan's arm is around Amanda

Dani clapping. The music was fabulous.

Girls with Santa