Emilee's Baptism:

Baptism Invites

Sweet Emilee

Getting ready for the baptism

Megan passing out the baptism programs.

Kayli gave the talk for Emilee.

Emilee and I right before the program began.

Grandmother Sessions feeding baby Dani. Dani stayed on her lap most of the time.
Special time for them!

Emilee with her dad before the baptism.
Emilee reading her program with Grandfather Sessions.

Cousins and Emilee singing baptism song.

Great hair Emilee!

Done by Aunt Kathy

Proud Mom and Dad.
Emilee with her Great-Grandparents Sessions.

Emilee with her Grandparents Eastmond.

Baby playing on the grass.

Chillin' in the grass

Brookee was cute, but BUSY!

The oldest and the youngest siblings.

Emilee with her Grandparents Holladay.

Emilee with both grandmas.

Most of the cousins.

Grandma made her famous scripture cake.

The candy bar poster made to Emilee from her sisters.

Reading her candybar poster.

The Scriptures with her name written on them.

Emilee's CTR ring she got from Grandma Karen.

Cute things our ward from Phoenix made for Emilee.

Baptism party favor candy bars.

Some of the food.

What?... Really Brooke?