3:30 AM
Kim and Matt hanging out in the delivery room.

2:15 AM

3:45 AM
Mother and Daughter (and soon-to-be Granddaughter)

11:25 AM
Mother and Child resting peacefully.

11:04 AM
Baby Emilee comes into the world with her Father cutting the cord.

12:30 PM
Dad changes first diaper.

12:45 PM
Emilee takes First bath.

Daddy's Girl

The Beginning of our Family (One at a time of course!)

12:08 PM
Emilee is weighed and measured.

Happy Birthday!
(Thanks Karen)

Aunt Kari and cousin Sara

Jane (my not-grandmother)

Grandpa Anselmo feeding me a bottle.

Grandma Holladay and me.

My favorite grandparents from Utah.

Grandpa Holladay holding me for the first time.

Grandpa Eastmond and Me

Grandma Eastmond

Grandma and Grandpa Eastmond

My cousin Keagan and Me