Women's Conference Girls Trip:

Opening session of women's conference at BYU.

Thursday at women's conference.

Relaxing on the grass

Love the lighting in this pic. So pretty!

More of the same thing. ;)

Selfie pic from the evening entertainment. Sooooooo good!

All of the women from each of the general presidencies all in the same place.

My mission mom and me. Love her!

Kari and I went to a class together on Friday

Kari and I close-up!

Lanae and I

Alyssa and I

Santuary Spa

Selfie in the spa

City Creek

My beautiful sister Tina

Tina and I went to a movie together while my friends went shopping. So fun!

Trying on RED lipstick

Our serious faces, apparantly some of us don't know how to look serious. Haha! :)

Kim and Kim ;)

My gorgeous friends at the temple