Megs Jungle Party:

Birthday Girl!

Megan is 2 years old on
May 9th and we celebrated
her birthday friday with a
jungle party. She had so
much fun with her friends
and was most anxious
for the cupcakes.

Big hugs from Leiden

Anna, Leiden, Megan, Ella
The four of us

Coloring animals

Ems friend, Reagan

Beanbag toss game

Megs with mom

Animal crafts

Bday presents
Thanks Anna

Thanks mom

Thanks Ella

Thanks Emilee

Thanks Leiden

Megs loves to read


Ice cream cone cupcakes
(turned out really cute)

Happy Birthday!

Megs loves this part



Leiden and Emilee

Present from Barton cousins
Thank you!

Thanks Bartons

Thanks Grandma Karen

More hugs from Leiden

Hi Kathy...
Thanks Sullivan cousins

Thanks Butters cousins
(I'm spoiled!)

Megan's actual Birthday

Water and sand play table

Can't get enough of bubbles