Megan gets Baptized:

Matt and I with Megan before Baptism

Daddy and Megs

Keagan and Emilee. Cute Cousins!

Proud parents of Megan!

Our whole family

Grandmothers with Megan. They gave the talk on Baptism and The Holy Ghost.

Grandma and Grandpa Eastmond

Grandpa and Grandma Holladay

Megan with the famous "scripture" cake Grandma Karen makes. She makes it for each Grandchild at their baptism.

All the cute kiddos at Megan's Baptism

The whole group with Elizabeth taking the picture

The whole group with Dave Tait taking the picture

Barbeque after Baptism

Candy board poster. We made this for Emilee when she got baptized and Megan specifically requested it for her. ;)

Emilee made it for her, but it is from all the sisters. She is reading it to Megan

Pool Party! I love this pic because the men were having just as much fun if not more than the kids.

Elizabeth makes this special book for each baptism. It is of everyone's thoughts to Megan.
What a Treasure!

Megan got her personalized scriptures with her name inscribed.