Megan turns Eight:

Megan wanted donuts for her party so we made them as rafts in a pool with cinna bears and umbrellas riding on them.

Megan had her own special chair.

Party favor for friends.

This pic is so cool.

Swim Party. It's so great to have a pool.

Emilee teaching a dance to some of the girls.

Funny girls in the baby pool

Tatum and Jaden came from N. Phoenix. They are Megan's favorite friends from up there. So fun to see them again.

Pizza Party

Dani would not take her goggles off.

Sweet Girls

Lots of kiddos.

Jumping on the tramp

The Whole Group

Singing to Megan

Make a wish!


Dani's present to Megan.
She didn't want to let it go. In fact, she did start opening it herself.

Opening presents. Megan got so many fun things. She was loving it.

Anyone who knows Megan
knows she loves dogs!

Decorating one of her presents.