Megan turns Nine:

Megan brought donuts in to her class for her birthday


Megan wanted to go to Dickeys for her family birthday dinner.


Opening family presents

Fun new clothes

Cute crafts

Present from her sisters

Already working on her jewelry

Roller blades from mom and dad

Trying them out!

And she's off!

Party at Skateland

With her dad


Papa Rocco and Cathy skating. They did great.

And they are off

Helping Brooke

Silly faces

Birthday party


Megan got to go in the ticket box where tickets go flying all over and she has to catch as many as she can before the time runs out.

Megan wanted a cookie cake this year

Make a Wish!

Cute presents from friends

Girls ready to redeem their tickets for prizes

Papa Rocco and Cathy with the birthday girl

Megan with the DJ
She got to pick her favorite song to skate to on the rink.

Dancing to some fun songs

Megan's party favors