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Seven Years Old

Megan Elizabeth Anselmo
b. May 9th, 2005
8 lbs. 9oz.
Length: 20''

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Message from the Webmaster:

Hello everyone and welcome to my homepage. I was surfing the Internet and saw how cool my sister Emilee's website was, that I had to create my own. Take your time and check out all the cool pictures of my short life (shouldn't take too long), and feel free to surf my favorite links.

A little about me:

After giving my mom fits with my 8 lb 9 oz frame, I am happy to announce I am here and ready to keep my parents up all night (I get this from my dad). I am cute as a button, like to take long sunday naps, and my favorite drink is an expresso with milk, hold the expresso. My favorite activity is watching basball with dad (though I am usually out by the middle of the 1st inning).

Well, since you made it here take some time to look around. Check out the G-rated pictures of my taking my first breaths and friends who have come to see me. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email...Have Fun!